#1 Who are you?

Stokata is group of artists, musicians, videographer, based on the Lake Geneva Riviera, with branches in California, New South Wales and Fribourg roots. Federated by the web, social media, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and ambisonic sound.

#2 Why is Stokata an instrumental band?

Hey, really? Have you checked our mission statement? We are here to “be the evolution of consciousness of the universe and have fun”. Why would we prevent ourselves from reaching humanity as a whole by limiting our scope to say 5% of mankind with English or Spanish, or at best 10% with Chinese Mandarin. Music is the number one unifying language of the world and we stick to that. Besides, we’re not yet that good with Chinese Mandarin.

#3 Is there room for guitar solos?

You bet, there is. To a point where the entire record production of the 70’s sounds like a bunch of 3 minutes radio singles when compared to our live set. There are lots of guitar solos, if only because we have several guitar players in the band, but rest assured, drums and bass solos are preemptively proscribed, we’re adventurous, we’re not crazy…

#4 So, what does it sound like?

Our baseline says it all doesn’t it? “Sound intensity is an attitude”. Stokata delivers a blend of inspiration that includes northern strangely named gatherings with very tight guitar playing skills, short pants happy go lucky stuff from down under, Gaelic cultural thing routed in the Western Europe tradition, with an inch of ambient post rock shoe gazing paraphernalia added, because we love gear and guitar pedals.